Ligante is constantly on the search for competent individuals with strong teamwork skills and the desire to explore unchartered territory. We strive to maintain mutual benefit in everything we do because we understand that a team is only successful if it succeeds in securing the interests of its individual members. If you are an independent consultant or IT professional looking for new projects, please contact us for more information. 

Entrepeneurs/Project Stakeholders 

Ligante welcomes entrepeneurs and companies/individuals that are involved in projects, or in the possession of concepts and ideas, for which they are seeking funding. We advise and assist new ventures or established companies in the preparation of business cases and business plans, offering advice in all facets of business organization, start-up, and equity capital acquisition. Funds are sourced through our global network of investors.


We actively seek and review new technologies, ideas and concepts and are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to present to qualified investors. All projects are carefully assessed and methodically analysed prior to being presented as Ligante prospects. As an investor member of the Ligante network you will have the option to receive information about new prospects on a regular basis.

Service Providers

Ligante is teamed up with service providers from all corners in the world in the areas of information technology and IT business administration. We are constantly seeking to forge new alliances from various industries and from both sides of the sales chain in order to introduce new and exciting opportunities for our members. Ligante also acts as a distributor of products and services and serves as a gateway to the global marketplace by representing its members directly or connecting them with reliable representatives.


Ligante's dynamic business model and the flexible structure of the Ligante Network makes it the ideal choice for companies seeking a reliable subcontractor and development partner.